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Meet the Minds Behind HF Hospitality

Meet Jay Franke and David Herro, a former dancer and fund manager, who restore historical buildings and make them dance again.

“As a professional investor, I am a firm believer that sound investments include those which enrich and improve the communities in which we live.”

David Herro

“Every historic building has a story to tell. Our process discovers these narratives and connects them to the present.”

Jay Franke

HF Hospitality restores historic buildings and reimagines them as event spaces, lounges, clubs, and restaurants. We recently revived an old store from 1882, in Walkers Point, and transformed it into a Grand Ballroom perfect for weddings and dinners. A dusty old basement, in the same building, became the canvas for an impressive Lounge space including a bar, library and billiards room. Currently, we are redefining a 1905 Nagawicka Lake building into a restaurant, bar, ballroom, club and outdoor dining pavilion. We are honored to transform these buildings into hospitality centers that memorialize their history and strengthen their future.