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Making Historical Buildings Dance Again

Lively. Authentic. Reimagined.

Every vintage building has a story to tell. HF Hospitality Group thoughtfully preserves the past with a modern twist by connecting properties to their history and a fresh purpose in hospitality.

Choreographed Spaces

HF Hospitality takes on lofty projects and pushes the past forward with a keen eye on restorative development, design, and movement.

Inside The Commodore

Nagawicka Lake, Delafield
Come along on a journey to restore a landmark building on the east shore of Nagawicka Lake. Watch as this cherished property, originally built in 1902, transforms into a lively gathering space.

The Script

Discover how HF Hospitality plans to connect history with hospitality.

Center Stage

Watch the building dance again as construction commences.

Class Act

Capture the vision for the landmark through architectural renderings.

“We are very mindful of the historic importance of this property to the community. Once complete, the thoughtful restoration and reimagined spaces will positively impact the immediate environment and region in terms of economic development, preservation and sustainability.”

David Herro, HF Hospitality.

Inside the National Block Building

Walker’s Point, Milwaukee
The National Block building in historic Walker’s Point was slated for demolition. HF Hospitality Group had other ideas. The 1882 Italianate structure now houses The George ballroom, Madcap Lounge, and 12 boutique apartments collectively known as The Block.

The George

Classic elegance told through art. Sophisticated and sublime, the magnificent ballroom is an expansive space with an intimate feel, owing to its carefully chosen furnishings, lighting design and curated art collection.

Madcap Lounge

Drawing inspiration from a London club, the Madcap Lounge is a walk-down within the National Block building. The space features multiple vignettes, including a library, a convivial bar and a billiards room for a unique and intimate experience.

The Storytellers

Cultural experiences gleaned from world travel, along with combined interests in history, art and design, drew Jay Franke and David Herro to the realms of restoration and hospitality. They preserve the past through lively, authentic, reimagined interpretations with a contemporary flare.

H.F. Signature Scents

Adding to the overall aesthetic, HF Hospitality develops a signature scent for every property.
Bespoke candles and soaps let you bring the experience home with you.

The George Candle

An oak and wooded base connects with the past, when 5th and National was an oak grove. Smokey notes mixed in create a unique and sophisticated scent dressed up for any event.